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Top 5 Artist With The Worst Lyrics In 2017


Top 5 Artist With The Worst Lyrics In 2017

For any music tagged as ‘good’ music, you can be sure it possesses a genuine and revealing storytelling part prepared with wit-centric, mind-blowing lines that have many swooning in the relishing in the double entendres and sometimes third and fourth meanings. Good music will no doubt forever be largely based on the power of its lyrics.

However, some of the artistes we have today, probably due to the fact that the country has carved a space for them on the map or due to the fact that they are getting older, they have decided on spewing all sorts of nonsensical incoherent lyrics, and sometimes lace their songs with esoteric slangs.

Without further ado, let’s get into the business of the day.

In an order that is as random as the lines in these songs, here are the top 5 lazy AF songs in 2017

Yemi Alade – Most Of Her Songs

To say Yemi is the queen of lazy lyrics isn’t an understatement. For this post, however, let’s do Knack am.

From the Primary school lyrics to the countable unintelligent lyrics employed for this track, Yemi did an awesome job, putting together childish gibberish to create what she must term as music. This song is meant for adults to listen to an enjoy, right, right??? Way to go ‘Mama Africa.’

Olamide – Wo

Yes, come for my head but if you all will put down your imaginary knives, cutlasses and the bits, you’d probably realized that the lyrics in this undeniably groovy song is lazy AF. I mean, asides having t reaffirm the fact that indeed he has been doing a below par job before this track, need you insult our intelligence with the ‘gbono felili, chicken periri.’ With undue respect sir, your songs are for adults and this isn’t the 90’s.

Dbanj- As I Dey Go

‘As I dey Go….plenty blessing just dey follow me as I dey go…..if them like make them do anyhow, I go still make my money.

Okay, first didn’t Yemi Alade post an unintelligent and intoxicated video about this as well a couple of months back? Also, really, we still need to make use of such childish words to brag about endorsement deals that were way back in 2015 or is your Wikipedia guy not doing his job updating your page? D’banj brags more in music videos like it’s a full-time job for him. Let’s not cause more havoc, please just ‘dey go’ don’t bother making a u-turn.

2baba – Gaga Shuffle

As you would expect from the title ‘Gaga Shuffle’ is this iconic singer affirm that indeed most of the songs released are probably to be enjoyed by deranged beings. ‘As I don crase, I wan involve you for my fucking crase……I no go lie for you, I want to tell you truth’ if you don’t tell lies, what more do you tell also, isn’t this the same man that sang African queen? oh wait……NVM.

Tekno – Go

From the very first lyrics to the very end, Tekno did a beautiful job making us wonder why in hell’s name we ever gave him a chance as a singer. Like TF dude!!!!

This young man took a classic song and basically poo-pooed it, ‘Go’ is just a lousy snip on 50 Cents ‘In Da Club.’

Basically, with a career revolving around feminine names mixed with a catchy beat, I guess Tekno will always have  ‘GO’ in the industry, right?


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