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Ghanaian Gay Man, Jay Rooney makes shocking revelation of how he became gay and molested at age 11 by his uncle


Ghanaian Gay Man, Jay Rooney makes shocking revelation of how he became gay and molested at age 11 by his uncle .

Popular Ghaniaian gay man, Jay Rooney took to Snapchat to reveal he was defiled by a uncle of his close friend at the age of 11. He says this went on for months, and he started to like it.
Read what he wrote on below:
. “My Mom just remembered me that exactly 12yrs ago today was the day i broke my virginity to this stupid and useless man who i am waiting for to die and go get judged.

I remember i was 11yrs by then and i went to my friends place to play (John and Eddy) and their uncle who was called (Bro Christian) would lure us with sweets and coins and he would end up fingering us.. (His nephew and I)

He then would rub his d*ck with soap and then force penetrate us, I and John were 1yrs by then and eddy was just 9yrs but this man really showed us that Age doesn’t matter when it comes to satisfying his sexual needs.

This Act went on for months and we became used to it but never told our parents.. Until one day i got tired and opened up to my mom and she took that step to tell my dad and Family..we went to the police station to make a report, But it was too late cause some how this man heard the news and left the hood and he left, leaving me with a lifetime job which he actually taught me without me paying any resignation fee.. Ever since he left, that was when my desire to be with other men grew each passing day. My dad and fam did everything possible to make me desist from this life am in now, but the more they took me to these churches the more i ended up with the pastors.

At the age of 12years, my fam knew my sexual orientation and i started hustling in clubs and pubs and met other older men who also showed interest in me and never gave me things for free…I always had to exchange sex for money.

Hmm Jay i tire oo.. I tire roff, I just wish i could see my friends Uncle (Bro Christian) again and just congratulate him for making me a proud hoe

Never judge me if you dont know my story.. Those who know me sees the angel in me and those who don’t know me sees the demon in me.. Is your eyes so u free to see me anyhow u want.”

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