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Mjeez Shares His Love Life Experiences As He Covers Nicson Africa Magazine


Super talented artiste Mjeez grace the latest issue of Nicson Africa Magazine. In this very interesting Love edition, Mjeez shares love life experiences. He also shared his Opinion on Love at first sight which he said ‘Love at first sight, I think I have to call it lust. I have been in the Same situation but no it’s not love but lust. It’s just a perception’.

He spoke on his growing up, Latest Hit Single Landlord and revealed his biggest fear, greatest indulgence, future projects, annoying habit and celebrity crush which is Beverly Naya. He also adviced that every man should try threesome sex before marriage.
The Edition also spoke about tips to help you become successful in music industry, things you must not tell your partner about you, types of mates you must marry from and tips for using instagram stories to promote your music and products. This edition is essential and a must-read.

Read full Interview:

It is really nice having you, on NICSON AFRICA MAGAZINE love Edition, we are really grateful because we know you actually have a busy schedule.

where are you from and where did you grow up ?
Am from Abia State and I grew up in Anambra State but I base Lagos now.

As a celeb of your level, how was growing up like?
Growing up good, I always had dream of becoming a celebrity, I always had the picture and felt what I will be in future and I always packaged my self like a celebrity. I knew what the goals was and I started working towards it early.

Apart from singing what else do you do ?.
Apart from singing, I like inventing new ideas and creating new business. I have other things I do when am not recording and am a stylist. I own a fashion outlet and also into importing and other stuffs. Any thing business count me in, If am not recording am making money

This edition is totally about love and we will be  asking few personal questions about your love life. Love has been a major issue in our society for a long time.

We will love to hear summary of your life love story
My lovelife story is on my songs, go listen to my songs. Its always about me giving my best and trying to be the right person and let down hurts, deceived, and other stuffs. I still believe in love and won’t stop trying. I still trust, no other how my heart have been hurt. I will still meet the right person and give my best and make sure it works out perfectly.

Do you believe in Love at first Sight?
Love at first sight, I think I have to call it lust. I have been in the Same situation but no it’s not love but lust. It’s just a perception.

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Would you give up your career, or take a break from your career for love ?
Nah, my music is my love. I can’t give up my music or career for any body , nah.

How necessary is Love ? or let me say positive things love has brought to your life.
The songs you hear, they are all from love, like personal experiences, weather good or bad I still thank God for it. Love makes me responsible and always planning. Am looking for sumone to settle down with, because am single and hope that there is someone out there for me.


Has love affected your career in a negative way?
Not really, love has not affected my career in any way, anybody am dating or am gonna be with will always know that this is my first love. This is what I put in my life to do.

how do u suggest People should Handle there love life together with there career, which has been a big problem for lots of celebrities.

This has been a big issue for lots of celebrities, first keep it private, I hardly do this but it’s necessary and just don’t listen to people. Live your life and do what even you want to do. I know your a role model to lots of people but don’t restrict your self from certain things. Post whatever u want to post, just live your life.

The challenges you feel people are facing loving this days because people keep complaining of lack of love etc and solutions to this problems.
The challenges I feel are, first the perceptions about love has really changed for everybody, because girls has made love as something you have to buy. If you could provide their needs then am inlove with you, but that has made guys to be saying them in a certain manner. It’s a big problem ooo!! The solution here is that girls should, first I feel woman has lots to offer more than a man. The strength of a relationship depends on the side of a woman, if it’s gonna work it’s her if it won’t work it’s still her. So they should keep up to there values passed down to them by there parents. They should always behave lady like, and let guys know they can’t take shit. Guys On there part will have to behave too. When a girl is trying to form and the next girl beside you is being so cheap, guys will just want to attribute it to other girls.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
Surprise surprise surprise!! My life is an open book, I don’t think that there is anything someone will be surprise to know. Or hmm the fact that I love sex, I think people will be surprise to know that. It’s not a big deal because everyone loves that.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Beverly Naya is my celebrity crush like I really love her. I just feel we are meant to be together, we are meant to get married. I love her so so much.

What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?
I would say travel miles just to come spend time with me and also get tattoo of my name on her body. That was really wired. I like my fans anyway and appreciate whatever I do, it’s amazing

What is your greatest indulgence?
I don’t know anything that will keep me at home, anything that will make me chill, relax, happy. I love being around happy people and people that are not bitter and jealous. That’s my greatest indulgence when people are open minded
What brings you the greatest joy?
The fact that God is watching me, the fact that God is looking out for me, what brings me my greatest joy, makes me feel like I’m unbeatable and I’m unstoppable

how would someone get your special attention?
Be beautiful and nice and the person should show me that they want me, like don’t hide your feelings around

What do you advice every man should try at least once in her life?

My advice to Everyman is that they should try threesome sex,its so fun. But this should be before you get married.
What is your biggest/weirdest fear?
My greatest fear is that all my dreams will come true, like am so scared if my dreams does not come true.i feel like what is all this for after the hustle and hardwork . Its not really about the money for me, i have a dream that i want to achieve. I am never scared of death or anything.
What is your one annoying habit?
I dont know but i am quite possesive that could be annoying . I am quite possessive and quite stiff for my decision making

What are the challenges you face being a celebrity?
People’s perception, people just behave a certain way especially when your not living up to what they want you to be. Every mistake you make is just not easy

Who is your inspiration?
My inspiration is life though. I listen to a lot of bruno mars, wyclef, ed sheeran and lots of people. I always listen to people that has story to tell, that is why i listen to Eminem, Kendrick Lamar. Right from their life, i pick fact of what happen and just write it.

What do you do when not working?

Chilling, i like it when the house is partying. Like lots of people with good five zones.

What projects are you currently working on? Which project is going to release first in the coming days?
Currently i am working on this particular song now, and am working to getting zoro to be on it . And another song am getting adekunle Gold to jump on. Video of Echi is also set and ready to be played on all station. I and my team are getting ready to make sure that we dont make any mistake on any place so expect that.
What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?
I would say that i should i have learnt more skill, i should have gotten prepared for the challenges i’m facing now. Learn how to play more instrument not just de guitar . I would have loved that .
Where do you see yourself in few years ?
I see my self touring the world chilling, having fun not really like getting busy too much, going from one country to another, performing, quitting business and other kind of stuffs .

Your advice to those who look up to you?
I would say that you should be focus, be smart, know when to plug in and plug out, and just know what the goal is. Dont be distracted, you only have one life, one chance to always make a point, utilize it properly .

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